Supplement to will, living will, living trust, and estate planning
Survivor Planning - Guide for Spouse or loved ones
Survivor Planning Manual - Living Will, Trust, Funeral Planning and estate planning information
Survivor Planning Guide - Includes Funeral Planning Guide
Pre-planned funeral - Funeral planning
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Personalized Survivors Manual
& Funeral Planning Guide
A Supplement to your will, living will, living trust or estate plan.

Leave your family a checklist of all the information they need to know following your death. From financial information like insurance, portfolio, investment and banking information to legal information like your will, trust and estate plan. From your funeral plan, including information needed for to write an obituary and plan the funeral service, to your personal history such as people to contact. The checklist also includes important information about home and auto maintenance and bill paying.

Things My Family Should Know

Don't leave your family in the dark, digging to find important documents and information. The Survivors Planning Guide gathers everything they need to know in one notebook.

This guide provides a solution to ease the frustrations of dealing with the death of a loved one. The Survivors Planning Guide is a detailed questionnaire that covers everything your family needs to know immediately after your death. It includes a funeral planning guide, important contact information and many other areas a spouse or family needs.

In most households, one spouse may handle all the financial matters from bill paying to portfolio management. One spouse is usually the one that takes care of repairs and maintenance. Imagine the frustration trying to locate insurance policies, car titles and other important documents. Where do you find the paperwork to file income taxes? Where is the will? Where do I turn off the water if the hot water tank bursts? The list goes on and on.

This guide was inspired by my late father-in-law. Being an engineer by profession, he always made lists and kept meticulus records. During his last years, he compiled a detailed manual with everything his family needed to be aware of following his death. Neatly indexed, he left detailed instructions that proved comforting in a very stressful time.
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